Mobile Clipboard is a digital design agency delivering 10x return on investments in technology, with deep expertise in healthcare and media.

The services we provide are:

  • Product strategy - we generate ideas for technology solutions that deliver 10x return on investments
  • User experience design - we design user experiences your patients, care givers and readers will love
  • Usability testing - we help you improve existing services and solutions

We invite you to learn more about how we work and see how we can partner together.

What we're working on

  • Remote care


  • Community care

    Community care

  • Digital Media

    Digital Media

Remote Care

The Experience

Assisted Living - Dora is getting old and is struggling to take care of herself. With assisted living, Dora's social and medical team can see how active she is, whether she is at risk of a fall and whether her house is heated well during the winter.

Quick GP call - John wakes up unwell and isn't sure whether to go to work, go to the doctor or just stay at home. With a remote care app, he can talk to a GP from his practice and get advice on what he should do

The Benefits

  • For patients - easier to get care in the home, no wasted trips to the doctor, easier to catch and prevent problems earlier
  • For care givers - less travel time for community care, smart alerts that help prioritise patients, easier to catch-up with patients between visits
  • For healthcare providers - greater staff utilisation, new revenues from additional services

Community care

The Experience

Community healthcare and social workers are on the road constantly, having to carry binders of case notes and struggling with reporting requirements. We supported Diona with the design of the Social Worker app to allow social workers to do all of their work from a tablet

The Benefits

  • For patients - better prepared care givers, harder to fall between the cracks
  • For care givers - more time with clients, better use of time on the road, easier to complete necessary admin
  • For providers - greater staff efficiency, coordination of multi-disciplinary teams and reporting of case notes

Digital media

The Challenge

The news industry is moving from a world of muliple pounds in revenues per reader per month to a few pence and it is putting newsrooms and commercial teams under strain. We are currently working on a confidental project redesigning the web and mobile web versions for two major UK news brands

Our Approach

  • Create a great reader experience - content and reader experience can't be comprimised to drive sustainable revenues. We are creating clean responsive templates that deliver an outstanding reading experience across all devices
  • Smart design interventions - we have a proprietary financial model of how online news drives revenues and use this to generate and test design hypotheses that turn the needle on revenues
  • Mobile-first design - with mobile traffic shooting past 50/50, designing and monetising the mobile experience is core to a sustainable news business model

Our Leadership Team

Niall Ó Tuathail - Founder and Designer

Niall was formerly a consultant at McKinsey & Company in Lisbon and London where he supported the boards and senior management of leading healthcare and non-profit organizations. Other previous roles include being Assistant to the CEO of an African Infrastructure company and Ground Campaign Director of a successful political campaign in Ireland.

Niall gained a First Class Degree in Management Science and Information System Studies from Trinity College Dublin, where he was awarded Foundation Scholarship and the Gold Medal. His father is a doctor, his mother is a nurse and his sister a dentist.

Niall is passionate about transforming healthcare services using well-designed technology and helping the news industry to transition to the digital world while maintaining high standards of journalism.

Celso Soares - Lead User Interface Designer

Celso brings over 10 years of design experience in mobile, web, typography and print. Previously he was a senior designer and technical lead at London-based agencies Imano, R/GA and 25comms.

Previous commissions include those for Citi, Nestle, Cathay Pacific, Rihanna (in a partnership with Nokia), Air France, Radley London and Sun Microsystems

Celso is passionate about ensuring an intuitive user experience for our users.

Colm Brophy - User Experience partner

Colm is based in London and his firm Orangered is a partner firm of Mobile Clipboard, working with us for our biggest clients.

Colm is a leader in the UX field, working with major clients such as TripAdvisor, ASOS, BMW, Vodafone, Microsoft, Viagogo, Tesco and Next.

He has a degree in Mathematics and Psychology from Trinity College, Dublin and a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction and Ergonomics from University College London

Leo Xavier - Media design partner

Leo is based between London and Lisbon and his firm Quodis is a partner firm of Mobile Clipboard, working with us for our media clients.

Leo is a leader in digital media design, having led redesigns at and more recently at, where he remains CTO.

He holds a Master's Degree in Design and Visual Communications from the Fine-Arts Faculty of the University of Lisbon.

How we work

We're different to most digital design agencies. Here's why...

Design that resonates
  • We build deep empathy with your users to understand and design what they need
  • We draw from a body of psychology research to design intuitive interfaces
  • Timeless visual design that reflects your corporate brand
Deep and agile collaboration
  • We collaborate deeply, ideally working from your offices during our projects
  • We deliver on complex projects with multiple stakeholders and objectives
  • We iterate quickly to deliver high-quality designs within your project timelines
Outstanding returns
  • We work only on projects with at least a 10x return on our fees
  • We proactively bring new ideas of how technology can deliver great returns
  • We have a flexible fee structure that aligns our incentives

Flexible fee structures

We like to align our incentives with those of our clients with low/no upfront fees and, unlike most competitors, we generally advise our clients to avoid burn rates (payments per day or week without any cap).
Flat Fees

Flat-fee with milestones

Typically our fee structure has capped fees for each project milestone (i.e., wireframes, design iterations, final delivery). We find our clients appreciate the capped fee because they do not take on the risk of inefficient design (most firms will not offer this). To achieve this, we invest heavily at the start of the project in developing your idea and presenting a detailed transparent proposal that we can commit to.

Fees at Risk

Fees at Risk

To further align incentives, Mobile Clipboard can offer "fees at risk" of 25-100%, where we define a series of criteria that measure the quality of the project (these can include user feedback, timing, client time invested). Fees at risk are symmetric (i.e., 20% fees at risk would result in a payment of 80% for a poor score and 120% for a excellent score).

Equity Payment

Equity Payment

In exceptional cases, Mobile Clipboard will consider taking a part payment of fees in equity of the client. The fee levels will be determined as normal with an adjustment for risk of the investment. We will approach any investment in a similar manner to a Venture Capital Firm

What's next?

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